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5 Jan 2022
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Trip Planning

Breckenridge vacations offer something for everyone, with outdoor activities aplenty and historical opportunities as well. Breckenridge is actually home to one of the largest historical districts in Colorado, so history buffs can feel right at home. Book your Breckenridge rentals at any time of the year, but fall is a great time to enjoy the brilliant foliage and loads of activities as well. Take a look at some of the fun fall activities you can enjoy on your Breckenridge trip.

Amid the cool, crisp days of fall, you'll want to check out the Rejuvenation Center in One Ski Hill Place. You can refresh any state of mind with the massage treatments available at the Rejuvenation Center in One Ski Hill Place. Take advantage of the Blue River Stone Massage, a scalp treatment, aromatherapy or the Cheve Deep Tissue Massage. Custom experiences are available as well, just let the experienced staff know what you're looking for.

Once you're refreshed with a massage treatment, you can step back in time to explore the Gold Rush history of Breckenridge at the Wild West Tour. This historical activity is available year round and offers a look at the town's Wild West history. The attraction is kid friendly and located in the Historic District.

In the same golden vein, take a look at the Washington Gold & Silver Mine Tour, also located in the Historic District. This tour features the history of Breckenridge's mining era. Have fun walking underground to experience mining first-hand as well as learning to pan for gold. Gold pans are provided free of charge for the tour. The tour is great for kids and is available all year round.

Fall means Halloween and what better time to enjoy the haunted side of what Breckenridge vacations have to offer. The Tombstone Tales at Twilight Tour is naturally available during the fall, as well as the rest of the year. Chill to the haunted tales of Breckenridge's history beyond the grave. Visit the cemetery and enjoy the stories of days long gone and residents who may have met untimely ends.

Keep in the spirit of Halloween with the Strange But True tour. This takes an opposite tack to the historical tales with strange, but true tales of modern Breckenridge. Learn about mysterious disappearances, deadly love and suspected kidnappings that have all happened in recent history.

Take a tour at Rotary Snowplow Park, featuring Engine No. 9. This fun, year-round attraction shows the railroad history of Breckenridge along with a rotary snowplow. Engine No.9 is a narrow-gauge train that served the town for half a century.

The Preston Ghost Town and Gold Mine Hike is an adventure for any Breckenridge trip as it's available all year round. Once upon a time at least a century ago, Preston was a bustling mining town of 150 residents. Now, it's a ghost town of abandoned buildings and the whispered remains of the past. The guided hike includes a lunch.

Breckenridge vacations often include kids and what better place to take them than the Mountain Top Children's Museum located in the Historic District. This museum is available year round and gives kids the opportunity to think outside the box with a myriad of unique exhibits.

The Iowa Hill Gold Miner’s Snowshoe Tour/Hike is available during the fall and follows a guided tour through the historic mine site on Iowa Hill. There's no experience necessary for this tour and you can see the old mining boardinghouse and learn about the mining era in Breckenridge. The tour takes about one and a half hours.

If you choose from Breckenridge rentals near the Historic District, the possibilities are endless. Experience the Historic Walking Tour, available all year round in this very district. You can hear the tales of the hardy souls that populated the area over a century ago. The tour is 90 minutes long and is kid friendly.

In case you can't get enough of Breckenridge's ghostly past, the Haunted Tour of Breckenridge is here to complete your Halloween trip. Take a leisurely walking tour through the haunted parts of Breckenridge's Historic District. This wildly popular tour takes place in the late evening, regaling you with the town's spooky and often unexplained past.

With all the great things in store for you on your Breckenridge trip, you want to make sure that you get your choice of Breckenridge rentals to assure a comfortable stay.