Breckenridge vacations offer something for everyone, no matter the time of year or experience. Outdoor enthusiasts will especially find a lot to like with snow sports, water sports, hiking, fishing, golfing and much more. Finding a Colorado vacation house won't be difficult with Breckenridge Vacation Rentals. Our Breckenridge homes for rent will set you up for all sorts of great adventures in Breckenridge.

One popular pastime for Breckenridge vacations is whitewater rafting. The middle of May is usually when it starts, as rivers are filled with runoff from melting snow. The river levels peak in early June before dropping off through the rest of the summer. Generally by the end of August the rivers around Breckenridge are too low to raft. However, high river levels do not necessarily mean more challenging whitewater rafting. It depends on the section of the river. Here are some guidelines for planning a whitewater rafting excursion in Breckenridge.

The first step is to decide on a trip and this decision depends largely on the makeup of your group. Consider the abilities of your group, from swimming ability to prior rafting experience to general physical fitness. The difficulty level should probably be applicable to the least experienced member. Remember that advanced level trips require passengers to participate in paddling and maneuvering the raft. Most beginner or intermediate levels allow for passengers to simply hold on. If you have young children, there are rafting trips geared towards shorter excursions with calmer waters. The next consideration is whether you want to take a half-day trip or up to a multi-day trip. Multi-day trips include camping along the rafting route.

Next, pick the right outfitter. Considerations for picking a good outfitter include years in the business, equipment quality, variety of trips offered and the experience of the guides. Address these concerns when you call or email an outfitter. Consider using review sites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp, or ask for information from the info centers in Breckenridge before you plan your trip.

The next consideration is deciding when to plan your Breckenridge vacations if whitewater rafting is on your itinerary. While water levels do not necessarily dictate the best rapids, they do dictate when some rafting trips are available. Certain trips may be only available during high water levels and others during lower water levels. If you decide to do shorter trips such as a half-day or three-quarters day, the weather is usually better in the morning.

You have an outfitter and a trip planned, so what should you bring? It's important to be prepared and the best way to do that is to start with the right clothing. Wear clothes that dry quickly, such as nylon, synthetic fleece and waterproof shoes or sandals that have a heel strap. Accessories might include sunscreen, lip balm, plenty of drinking water and a change of clothes for the end of the trip so you don't have to ride back to your Colorado vacation house dripping wet.

The last tip is the simple information that your guide can make or break the quality of your trip. Experienced guides can find the best rapids, make sure everyone is comfortable and most importantly, have the foresight to avoid problems. The best guides also react well when problems do occur, thus minimizing their impact. Do your research as extensively as possible when it comes to choosing a guide.

There is plenty of good whitewater rafting within an hour's drive of Breckenridge homes for rent. The most popular rafting river in the country is the Arkansas River and that is only about an hour outside of Breckenridge. Some other rivers near your Colorado vacation house include Clear Creak, Blue River, Colorado River and Eagle River.

Just make sure to call Breckenridge Vacation Rentals and find out about all our Breckenridge homes for rent. Once you've found the perfect place to stay, you can continue planning the perfect Colorado whitewater rafting trip.