While skiing is the primary attraction for most guests to Breckenridge, Colorado, this scenic location can also offer some of the most challenging and beautiful mountain bike trails in the United States. At Breckenridge Vacation Rentals, our knowledgeable staff can provide you with in-depth information on the best bike rental shops and the most popular trails to explore during your Colorado vacation. Here are seven of the best biking trails for beginning and expert mountain bikers in the Breckenridge area.


Designed specifically for beginners, the Whirl is a half-mile singletrack trail that incorporates rollers and berms to provide an enjoyable introduction to the sport of mountain biking. Located near the base of Peak 8, the trail does share some space with chair lifts riders and offers minimal challenge for more experienced riders. Whirl maintains a relatively consistent 4,000 feet elevation, allowing you to gauge your reaction to altitude before hitting some of the more difficult mountain bike trails on your Breckenridge trip.

Barney Flow

This downhill-only trail is ideal for children thanks to its ability to accommodate slower speeds. Barney Flow incorporates a number of challenges in its less than one-third of a mile distance, including gap jumps, bridges and banking turns. Some experience with mountain biking is recommended for those braving this singletrack course, which branches off the longer Moonstone Trail. The Breckenridge Vacation Rentals team can help you determine the best sources for mountain bike rentals and other necessary equipment for you and your family.

Middle Flume Trail

For those seeking a little added adventure on their Breckenridge trip, the 2.2-mile Middle Flume Trail offers high-altitude biking at its best. The entire singletrack course is located above 9,500 feet in elevation and features historic flumes and flowing curves. Middle Flume Trail connects Mike's Trail on the west and the Upper Flume Trail on the east and can easily be combined with either to create a longer and more demanding course for experienced mountain bikers.

ZL Trail

With a trail high altitude well over 10,000 feet, the ZL Trail is definitely not for the faint of heart. This singletrack links Discovery Ridge directly to Summit Gulch Road and from there to Galena Ditch Trail, all notable and established mountain bike routes up and down the mountain. This is an intermediate level mountain bike course and requires a good bit of experience and practical knowledge to navigate successfully; beginners should likely start elsewhere to ensure their safety.

Barney Ford

Widely considered one of the most enjoyable high-altitude rides in Breckenridge, Barney Ford starts at the top of the Moonstone Trail and proceeds through forests and cleared areas on its way to Sallie Barber Road. Every part of the Barney Ford singletrack is over 10,000 feet in elevation. As a result, the views of the nearby mountains and green areas are stunning from many locations along this popular and well traveled biking and hiking trail.

Breckenridge to Baker's Tank

A relatively easy 13.3-mile mountain bike loop at a high altitude, this popular bike run starts in the heart of Breckenridge and consists of 80 percent singletrack. Bikers can expect to encounter about a mile of mining roads on this extended route, which includes the following trails:

• Sunbeam Trail
• Carter Park
• Moonstone Trail
• Barney Ford
• Sallie Barber Road
• Nightmare on Baldy
• True Romance
• Crossing Route
• Pinball Alley
• Mountain Pride Trail
• Baker's Tank Trail

Of course, trails can be added or subtracted to suit personal preferences and levels of expertise during your Colorado vacation.

Breckenridge to Como

One of the toughest rides in the Breckenridge area, this 17.1-mile trek will take you through the Continental Divide and offers real challenges even for seasoned mountain bike aficionados. Trails included on the most popular Breckenridge to Como ride include the following:

• Illinois Creek Low
• Southside Trail
• Illinois Creek High
• Blue River Trail
• Indiana Creek Road
• Boreas Pass Road
• Gold Dust Trail

Navigating this series of trails can sometimes be challenging; a map, GPS and compass are recommended to ensure the most enjoyable ride during your Breckenridge trip.

The professional team at Breckenridge Vacation Rentals can provide you with the best accommodations and the most accurate advice to make your Colorado vacation truly memorable. By working with us, you can plan the trip of a lifetime complete with the best mountain biking experiences in the beautiful Breckenridge area.